December 29, 2021

Truth Social Raises $1 Billion. That's About $1 Billion Per User.

Truth Social Raises $1 Billion. That's About $1 Billion Per User.

New York, NY - Truth Social, Donald Trump's social media startup, has reportedly raised $1 billion dollars to get it off the ground.

However, in the most recent release notes, it states that Truth Social will only have one user, Donald Trump himself.

"Nobody can compete with me on social media," Trump said. "Why allow the weak ones to try. It's embarrassing for them. Just embarrassing."

Donald Trump will follow only himself and get his truths, as they are called, on his feed.

"My truth is tremendous. I'm glad to read about myself and see all the truth I've said," Trump declared. "I don't care about anyone else. Did I mention I'm tremendous."

A spokesperson for Truth Social said they are considering an alternative where everyone who joins is forced to follow Donald Trump.

"We think MySpace is a great model," the spokesperson said. "Remember when everyone had to follow Tom. We'd like to follow in MySpace's footsteps."

When reminded that nobody uses MySpace anymore, the spokesperson responded, "Tom is a loser."