December 24, 2021

Tesla Arcade: The most fun you'll have in the back seat of a parked car

Tesla Arcade: The most fun you'll have in the back seat of a parked car

Austin, TX - The Tesla is a technological wonder, basically a smart phone on wheels. One innovative use of their built-in display is Tesla Arcade, an in-car gaming platform.

But due to a recent investigation by the NHTSA (whatever regulatory agency that is), Tesla will no longer allow games to be played in moving vehicles.

Nerds and gamers could not be more thrilled.

"We always heard stories of the jocks having fun in the backseat of their cars in high school," said one gamer whose parents bought him a Tesla, desperately and illogically hoping this would attract a mate and get him out of the house. "Now it's our turn for some backseat entertainment."

With their most recent software update, Tesla Arcade games can only be played in parked cars which is perfect for all those people who, you know, love to sit in a parked car and play games.

"Sometimes I'll tell my wife I'm going to the grocery store, but I'll just be chilling in the parking lot like for a really long time," one dad of four kids admitted out loud. "If ice cream is on the list, I've learned I need to play Tesla Arcade before I go into the store."

The update was a difficult one for Tesla. Tesla executives are apparently befuddled as to why drivers are ignoring the warning that Tesla Arcade is only for passengers.

"I guess no one believes in the honor system anymore," is the official response from Tesla.

Price Maxwell
Technology Reporter, Product Heartbeat