Product Heartbeat Membership

You are now a member of Product Heartbeat's exclusive club of Producteers..., I won't actually call you that.

I had you scared though, didn't I?

I could see you looking for that "unsubscribe" button as fast as you could.

Now let's get to brass tax.

Product Heartbeat is a business, a greedy limited liability company, and you are my user. My goal is to get all my users addicted to my content, so I can extract your money.


...I'm glad to get that off my chest.

Your membership will get you access to exclusive content, the kind of content that the non-member idiots can only get in my books. You'll get a random email once in a while. And you'll get discount codes for Product Heartbeat merch.

It's a pretty good deal, so now get out there and improve my metrics...

...especially the revenue KPIs...